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Center of Andromeda Galaxy Globular cluster M53 in color M51 Whirlpool Galaxy Pleiades. Messier 45 So much beauty in space Whirlpool Galaxy M51 Orion Nebula through my telescope Orion belt and sword with 50mm lens Orion's Sword. M42 3 Stunden im Gürtel des Orion Unprocessed image of M42 Orion great nebula M42 NGC884 the double cluster Lots of start formation The Rosette Nebula in HST Narrowband NGC 891 in Andromeda A better Orion Nebula M42 from last night Orion with Baader 7nm Ha filter Irregular galaxy NGC 1313 The California Nebula The Triangulum Galaxy with Canon 7D A little happier now How far are Pleyades Planetary nebula M78 in the constellation of Orion Another short exposure Orion Nebula M42 in Cathedral City Iris Nebula, shining blue Elephant's Trunk nebula project The summer of the Eagle A shot of NGC281 Lagoon Nebula. Used my modded canon xti Nebulosas Norteamérica y Pelícano M31 Andromeda Galaxy Globular cluster M53 Andromeda Galaxy without autoguiding My attempt at Albireo The Veil Nebula Yesterday Perseids Western Veil Nebula with C14 Planetary nebula M76 with IAC80 45 minute exposure of NGC7000 Vía Láctea Single 20 minutes shot NGC7000 La nebulosa Dumbbell Galaxia del remolino So much stars around M11 North American and Pelican Nebula in SHO Good to be imaging deep sky The Ring Nebula from London Double Cluster Messier 39, open cluster in Cygnus M27 Dumbbell Nebula Horsehead and Flame Nebula in Orion Extremely happy Shot of Messier 20 The Eagle Nebula M16 with 30 minute exposure The double cluster Pane 3 of the Cygnus Wall A full moon veil My favourite cluster, Pleiades Messier 20 and Messier 8 (Trifid and Lagoon Nebula La galaxie du Triangle M8 and M20 nebula Gamma Cygni Nebula and Crescent Nebula Lagoon Nebula without a telescope M13 the Hercules globular cluster Más de 2500 galaxias Albireo, a beautiful double star Nova Aquilae was confirmed This is the point of no return Lagoon Nebula M8 La supernova en M66 M8 The Lagoon Nebula Nebulose Trifida e Laguna Orion Nebula with AT6RC M31 Andromeda Galaxy - 22 min. exp. Planetary nebula Jones 1 M57 The Ring Nebula. Wide-field view of M51 NGC5033 and more 7,000 years ago 50 images stacked of Auriga Good skies tonight Two minutes shot of Omega Centauri The remarkable Coma Cluster Finally finished M101 - 48 hours LRGB image of the Crescent Nebula NGC6888 Whirlpool Galaxy, taken by QSF-106 Last nights image of M51 Western Veil Nebula A quick process of M20 My first M51 Whirlpool Galaxy M13 imaged Image of M8 from Chile M13 great cluster in Hercules NGC 4631 and 4656 Tonight's attempt at m51 A Work in Progress M51 A Roseette with Color Saturation Core of the Rosette The Ring Nebula Messier 57 M13 the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules Dumbbell nebula M27 Rosette Nebula - 75 min exposure Alnitak Sombrero galaxy m104 M81 and M82 mosaic M100 is a spiral galaxy Messier 3, LRGB from my garden M97, the Owl Nebula Orion nebula 100 years ago Messier 101 Pinwheel Galaxy Reprocessed my M51 - Whirlpool M65 and M66 Globular cluster M78 with Borg45ed and reducer M101 is the object of desire Quick Orion Stacking 30s subframes M51 on new ccd Nebulosa planetaria del Anillo Messier 63 - The Sunflower galaxy The Leo Triplet in Leo My astro pic of IC434 Spiral galaxy M106 in LRGB M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy First try at Astrophotography M42 My first HaRGB astrophotography Horsehead and flame Nebula NGC 2281 open cluster in the constellation Auriga A view of the Orion Nebula Triplete de Leo from Guatemala Globular Cluster M2 The Orion Nebula M42 NGC2392 The Eskimo Nebula Area in Taurus NGC 2903 at 30 million light years away Light from Epsilon Eridani M31 with EdgeHD 11 Found some old data fro M51 Messier 36 Pacman nebula 15x6min Galaxia del remolino M51 Horse Head Nebula M13. Cuenta las estrellas Last nights astrophotography session M101 The Pinwheel Galaxy M42 Orion Nebula with new equipment Astrophotography of the Whirlpool Galaxy Astrophotography of M42 M52 and the familiar bubble Rosette Nebula and Cluster M31 First with Polar Align Galaxies in Leo M95 M96 M105 Pinwheel Galaxy image from last April Horsehead nebula 20 mins ISO 800 Tonight's image Leo Triplet Messier 3 globular cluster. Reprocess of Crab Nebula Draco trio of galaxies Blue Planetary, NGC3918 An LRGB image of the Orion Nebula The Whirlpool M51 from Anysllum Observatory Horsehead nebula with DeepSkyStacker My take on M78 M8 and M20 in Sagittarius Ring nebula with 250 Skywatcher reflector M64 - The Black eye galaxy Orion Nebula in 1893 Barred spiral galaxy in Leo M81 by Edwin Hubble Merry Christmas everyone Messier 82 is a starburst galaxy On a needle's edge M37 in Auriga. Details M87 and jet The Orion Nebula in H-Alpha Getting closer to NGC 5850 Pleiades with Nexstar114 New target underway, m81 The Leo triplet galaxies Rho Ophiuchi 400ly Horsehead nebula in Orion Orion's Belt last night Dumbbell Nebula The Rosette nebula from my garden. NGC457, known as ET Cluster M97 or the Owl nebula M51 Whirlpool galaxy. C9.25 The 500 stars of M37 Barred spiral galaxy NGC 1530 Sh2-308 in Canis Major Pinwheel Galaxy before sunrise CED214 an emission nebula Rosetta Nebula with ED80 The Witch Head Nebula M101: The Pinwheel Galaxy L'amas globulaire M13 M101 with AZ Newtonian NGC6939 open cluster in Cepheus M42 The Orion Nebula ISO 800 NGC 6781 in Aquila Christmas Tree Cluster NGC2664 NGC2264, Cone Nebula with 12nm Nebulosa Nord America An image of the Andromeda Galaxy Robotic telescope ready for business The flame nebula and Alnitak M74 galaxy with C9.25 Bode's Nebulae Astrophotography Messier 3 Globular Cluster Rosette Nebula taken Sunday NGC 1419 - Cold night out there H-alpha on NGC2264 M74, a face-on spiral galaxy in Pisces The Orion Nebula Messier42 Rosetta 2x10m and 1x20m Headphone Nebula M35 open cluster - NGC2158 Orion Nebula in bright sky NGC5128 with supernova SN2016adj Messier 37, open cluster in Auriga Orion Nebula at Stargazing La gran nebulosa de Orión M42 Whirlpool galaxy, M51, using T21 Aldebaran and Hyades Orion's sword from Zaragoza Synthetic Luminance, Narrowband and RGB OJ287, 3.5 billion light years away Spiral galaxy NGC 2903. The Heart Nebula for San Valentin The Black Eye Galaxy Gas just drifting by The Diamond Engagement Ring M31 dusty core Rigel double star The brightest star in the night sky M1 with an Atik Infinity Playing around with M1 NGC 2264 the Christmas Tree cluster Bi-colour M42 NGC 2392 The Eskimo My latest image, M1 with 9 hours exp A nebula to start the weekend M101, The Pinwheel Galaxy Supernova SN2016adj in Centaurus A The Crab Nebula Messier 82 - The Cigar Image of the Lagoon Nebula M46 with Meade and neq6pro Messier 44 - Beehive Cluster Horsehead and Flame Nebulas Horsehead with C11 EdgeHD Hyperstar Flame Nebula Imaged M1 supernova remnant and pulsar M51 Whirlpool Bode cigar galaxy M82 NGC 104 globular star cluster Another take on M33 The Flame and Horsehead nebula M81 - First processing attempt The Hamburger Galaxy NGC 3628 an edge-on spiral galaxy Messier 30 Leo Triplet M65 M66 NGC1977 Running Man Nebula M31 with a Canon T2i Deep sky duo Messier 33 Triangulum Galaxy Starting project andromeda Software and post production technique Trifid Nebula M20 47 Tucana or NGC104 Milky way and Perseus Double Cluster Orion Nebula shot with nikond80 Dumbbell planetary nebula Cigar galaxy, m82 Our neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy Orion Belt and Sword Orion above southern Maryland Andromeda Galaxy M31 Rosetta astrophotography Old school astrophotography M93 - open cluster Globular cluster M3 La gran Nebulosa de Orion Eagle Nebula - Messier 16 M16 active star-forming region The Owl Nebula Chicken Nebula IC2944 Nebulosa de Orion Orion, 150mm, f6 Centaurus A - NGC 5128 Rosette nebula 135mm, f5.6 Part of Heart Nebula M31, The Andromeda Galaxy Jellyfish Nebula IC 443 M42 from Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown The Snake Nebula Barnard 33 - The Horsehead Nebula Veil Nebula in Cygnus Bringing out the colors The animals of NGC 2244 M52 globular cluster The Eagle Nebula M16 NGC 1528 in Perseus A small open cluster in Cepheus The Dumbbell nebula, M27 Open clusters Messier 35 and NGC 2158 Sh-2 308 in Canis Major Bubbles astrophotography Betelegeuse a star at end of life Double Cluster 152mm APO Coma Cluster of Galaxies, Abell 1656 Markarians chain Open cluster in Cassiopeia VdB 133 and Sh2-106 Messier 51 - Whirlpool Galaxy M44, the Beehive open cluster NGC 869 and 884 The seven sisters, M45 The first image M109 Canopus the second brightest in the sky m45 the Pleiades A.K.A the 7sisters The double star Mesarthim in Aries Rosette, a beautiful nebula Ngc 2403 galaxy Sword of Orion Region M42 Orion Nebula This is Sirius A red supergiant My attempt at Pleiades NGC 2264 HaRGB Astrophotography NGC 7771 Group M39 open cluster Whale Galaxy and Crowbar Galaxy The Beehive Cluster in Cancer The Flaming Star Nebula Andromeda widefield 20x120 second shots of M31 M31 Andromeda Galaxy 42x5min NGC2174 the Monkey Head Nebula M57 Ring Nebula widefield Rich milky way area in Cygnus NGC 3169 and 3166 First shot with new gear IC 342 in Camelopardalis Messier 35 in winter Messier 81 and 82, no darks Went out astro-imaging Messier 27 with Tele-Lentar 400mm lens The Andromeda Galaxy, Messier 31 IC 434   HorseHead Nebula Tadpole Nebula last night Single exposure of the Orion Nebula Masking the overexposed core The Jellyfish Nebula on G11 Orion Nebula and Horsehead Nebula My latest astropic: M78 IC 2118, the Witch Head Nebula My latest astropic: The Andromeda Galaxy My recent astroimage of M3 M42 took ages Same pic different processing. Quick shot of M42 My astrophotography of the Horsehead nebula Delta Scorpii compared to Antares This is M1, first Messier object Double Cluster. Awesome. NGC 869 M33 with absolutely terrible seeing H-alpha shot of NGC 7822 Sh 2-82, a small emission nebula A quick image of The Pleiades 3hrs 45 mins on Thor's Helmet Cocoon nebula. astrophotography M27 with Skywatcher 150 Andromeda, taken with 550D M13 with my new 11 M81 with 4.5 hours of data M52 and the bubble Melotte15 HST composite IC 1805 Heart Nebula Veil Nebula over multiple nights Messier 1, the crab First attempt at combining Ha and OIII NGC 7635 - The Bubble in Cassiopeia The appropriately named Pacman NGC 0457 - the owl cluster NGC 7789 in constellation Cassiopeia NGC 7635 - The Bubble NGC 2169 - the 37 NGC6946: Spiral galaxy First go at Bode's Nebula Took a shot of M42 M78 in D810A from Horsehead nebula Quick DSLR imaging M42 in Orion M55 - setembro 2015 My first capture M42 Orion Nebula with SW 250pds NEQ6 M35 et NGC2158 The light that arrived tonight The Dumbbell Nebula with Meade 12 Orion from tonight The Dumbbell nebula M27 M57 Ring Nebula Astrophotography Two hours exposure of M51 NGC2237 The Rosette Nebula The Leo Triplet, SW150 Sharpless 2-199 M101 - 20 subs sec Horsehead, best I could achieve Beehive Cluster 5x10min subs My M31, EdgeHD 11 M45, Pleiades M42, The Orion Nebula The Heart Nebula The star Rigel 2 months in the making Photo of Orion nebula M42 The dark nebula HorseHead NGC 3193 and surroundings Dwarf galaxies - magellanic clouds The Winter Hexagon I saw tonight through my telescope M101, a huge spiral IC 1284 in Sagittarius Halpha. Horsehead nebula Star Shots - Capella in Auriga Horsehead astrophotography M101 or Pinwheel Galaxy M71 cluster in a huge star field Beautiful astrophotography NGC6888 - The Crescent Nebula A galaxy The Cave nebula Double Cluster again Very pleased NGC5585 in Ursa Major NGC 5474 peculiar dwarf galaxy M78 - Reflection Nebula Part of the Veil nebula M42 the Orion Nebula Raw Canon 5D image of M42 The Rosette Nebula in Ha Barnard 142-143 A Face-On Spiral Orion with Canon 1200D Carolyn's Rose Horsehead nebula region Iris nebula Sirius Astrophotography CGEM-800 Orion Nebula M42 Orion Nebula CGEM-800 Horsehead nebula...a detail Eagle Nebula Messier 27. A planetary nebula Messier 22 A view of M42 Rosette Nebula with Skywatcher 6 inch Bode's Galaxy with CGEM-800 NGC2903, 10x5min exposures 38 minute exposure of M81 Bright flare near Pleiades NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy My first ever remote telescope photo M78 and Barnards Loop The Large Magellanic Cloud IC1396 nebula Caldwell 27 (NGC 6888) Sextans A dwarf galaxy NGC2264 imaged just now NGC 2239 Rosette Nebula IC405, IC410 and M38 Rosetta with Canon EOS 60Da Orion Nebula with Slow Shutter app A color picture of M1 Testing the focuser Helix Nebula from OATA Observatory Orion Trapezium Cluster M31 (Andromeda Galaxy), M32 M31 by the end of July 2015 Sessione  astrofotografia Messier 102 is a galaxy in draco Tonight's Ring Nebula Planetary nebula Messier 57 Messier 39, an open cluster in  Cygnus M109 in Ursa Major Messier 81 and 82 Globular Cluster Messier 62 New version of Andromeda  A pair of galaxies Markarian's Chain of galaxies Open cluster M52 The Double Cluster. NGC 884 and NGC 869 Whirlpool-Galaxy M51 Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree M33 Pinwheel Galaxy Albireo double Widefield M57 Beta Cygni, Albireo M20 - The Trifid Nebula The dragonfly cluster, NGC 457 Orion nebula with Atik Infinity M106 with a Takahashi telescope The Crystal Ball Nebula NGC 6188 on 12 inch Meade NGC7000 nebula with SW ED80 M23 Imaged with SWED-80 M33 from Saturday night M82 supernova Globular clusters near Antares Open cluster M50 NGC 1367 galaxy in Fornax Veil Nebula, NGC 6960 and NGC 6992 An emission nebula NGC6820, SH2-86 M16 bicolor The Seven Sister M42 and M43 in H-alpha NGC 1499 (California Nebula) and IC 348 in Perseus Cocoon Nebula IC 5146 Pacman nebula NGC 281 A Ringed Spiral Galaxy NGC3344 NGC2264 The Cone & Foxfur M82 at ISO 3200 Abell 6 Planetary Nebula Jellyfish in H-alpha Monoceros in H-alpha M42 with a 500mm f8 mirror lens The Great Orion Nebula M13 globular cluster Simeis 147 in H alpha My latest astropic project North America Nebula - Bradford Robotic Telescope The Omega Nebula Nebulosa Crescent Pinwheel Galaxy M101 Gamma Cygni nebula M83 galaxy NGC7000 nebula The Trifid Nebula M20 IC5070 Pelikan M45 The Pleiades Barnard's Loop with H-alpha NGC 891, edge-on unbarred spiral galaxy Galaxy NGC 2903 NGC 2736 and Gum 23 in Vela NGC 6853 - Dumbbell Nebula NGC7380, the Wizard Nebula The running man nebula in Orion M42 The Orion Nebula, Flame, Horsehead The Trifid and Lagoon Nebula M51 galaxy from Pioz, Guadalajara, Spain NGC 4725 spiral galaxy The Crab Nebula, M1 Polaris, a triple system A 5 min exposure of Horsehead and Flame nebulae irst lesson on astrophotography Latest work on Orion Nebula Fireworks galaxy NGC6946 Astrophotography of Andromeda Galaxy A starburst galaxy in Camelopardalis IC405 in H-alpha NGC7497 + MBM 50 - AAPOD  27 January  2016 Horsehead Nebula through 102mm achro refractor Horsehead Nebula with 300mm telephoto lens Lagoon and Trifid nebulae Hickson 44 - Arp 316 - NGC3187 - Galaxies in Leo M42 and M43 - Orion nebula and core NGC 7000 with unmodded Rebel XSi M11, the Wild duck cluster M20, the Trifid Nebula NGC 2438 and M46 open cluster Capella - Alpha Aurigae M31 through a 6 inches refractor M97, M108 and more galaxies M31 and a plane trail Spiked Vega A brown dwarf Collinder 399 Sirius M3 globular cluster Omega Centauri Globular Cluster Ring Nebula M57 M51 Galaxy NGC 206 in Andromeda Pelican Nebula Centaurus A IC 405 in hydrogen alpha NGC 457 in Cassiopeia Unbelievable webcam galaxies M42 in Orion Andromeda Galaxy - M31 Pleiades - M45 Rosette Nebula - NGC 2244 M42 in ETX-90EC Beehive cluster Wide Field
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