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It's amazing how much u can extract from the same set of deepsky photos using different software and post production technique! All I got was canonfd 50mm lens on a very old m43 Panasonic g3 - it show banding on iso1600. I knew stacking would help, as seen in my previous attempt with my moon shot, but as I am new to apply it to star shooting , my initial few attempt was nothing but a dim star, until this time with deepskystacker ! The stacking wasn't perfect but I got a lot more information to work in post pro
by qbgabe12 on 2016-02-10
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2016-08-09 22:17:39       
It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. At the heart of the problem is whether they perceive themselves as a political or religious force (I know that’s not a particularly neat caetoorisatign). I suspect, deep down, their interests are in the overlap between morality and politics, rather than religion and culture.
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