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The Eagle Nebula (M16, IC4703) and the Pillars of Creation.

I reprocessed my first attempt at the Eagle Nebula using Pixinsight.

The Eagle Nebula is a type of interstellar gas and dust cloud called an emission nebula, or HII region, and is a place where new stars are forming. Stars heat and ionise the nebula's hydrogen gas, lighting it from within.

Fast facts:

Name: Eagle Nebula, M16, IC 4703

Description: Emission nebula

Age :The star cluster associated with the nebula is about 5.5 million years old.

Location : Found in the constellation Serpens

Distance from Earth: 6500 light-years

Size : The pillars are about 2-3 light-years long and the emission nebula spans about 20 light-years.

Image Specs:

- Orion 8" f/3.9 Newtonian Reflector

- Celestron AVX

- Orion 80mm short tube refractor + Starshoot Autoguider

- Canon 70D, UHS-C filter, ISO 800, 70s.

- 110 Light, 50 Dark, 50 Bias, 30 Flat

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