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I sold my ES102CF and AT65EDQ to help pay for my new Sky-Watcher. Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED first light: I've actually had it a couple of months but because of a mixup with both custom spacer and electric focuser, then lots and lots of overcast and rain, was never able to try it out. I finally have all the equipment working optimally with weather cooperating and captured my first image. IC443 Jellyfish Nebula in Ha. Seeing how this first result turned out I'm happy with my decision. The Esprit is fairly fast at f/5.5, with a flat field all the way to the corners, and small, round stars. It's hefty, with a 3-inch focuser and a very long dew shield. So here's my Jellyfish in Ha. 30x1200" -15 deg Ha, 12 darks, 30 flats, 30 bias frames. Processed in PixInsight 1.8.3
by exmedia on 2016-01-29
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