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Centaurus A also known as NGC-5128 is a southern hemisphere galaxy located at 12 millions lights years away. As seen in this picture, a dark nebula crosses the galaxy from side to side given it a remarkable contrast and nice colors.

The outstanding image was taken with a Celestron C8 Schmidt Cassegrain and a SXVF H9 camera by Sergio Eguivar from Buenos Aires Suburbs.

2012-10-07 06:17:57       
Hi Tomas,Once you are up out of the read out noise, you can combine any nbmeur of short individual exposures to equal one longer exposure.The signal to noise is almost exactly the same, so you record the same amount of faint details.Jerry
2011-08-20 00:14:44       
Now we know who the sensbile one is here. Great post!
2011-04-12 01:30:41       
mhakYM In awe of that answer! Really cool!
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