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I used the snow day here in the northeast to get started on the backlog of raw data from the fall that I havenít processed. This is the Cocoon Nebula, with its dark nebula friend, Barnard 168.

I actually took a full nightís worth of H-alpha data, but decided to use only the RGB data here, as a slight misalignment of the telescope shooting the H-alpha would have required a different cropping of the image.

Exposures: 15◊10 min R, G; 18◊10 min B (2◊2 binning) Ė total exposure time: 8 hours

Telescope: William Optics Star71 (360mm f/5)

Cameras: SBIG ST-8300M

Mount: Takahashi EM200

Guiding: QHY 5L-II mono, guided using PHD2

Conditions: good transparency, calm winds

Processing: DeepSkyStacker - PixInsight - Photoshop

Date: Sep 14 and 17, 2015

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