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NGC 1367, also known as NGC 1371, is a type SBa galaxy in Fornax at -25 degrees declination. At an overall magnitude of 10.7, it spans 5.6' x 3.9'. Deeper exposures of this galaxy are needed to pick up the extremely faint outer arm, which just barely showed up in this image after a rather harsh stretch. I am wondering if anyone else on the forum has picked up this outer stream of stars. It would be much better to image this interesting galaxy from the southern hemisphere. The subs I took are actually from November 2014, and I have still not gotten another good winter night to work on it. I might shoot this one again when I get a more sensitive camera to work with. The Atik 383L+ I used needs to go back for sensor cleaning, so I decided to post this unfinished version because it's rarely seen.
2016-01-30 17:06:48       
NGC 1367 is a Barred Spiral Galaxy (SBA), located in the constellation Fornax. It belongs to the cluster of galaxies in the Eridanus. This galaxy was discovered Nov. 17, 1784 annually by William Herschel and John Dreyer cataloged it later as NGC 1371. In 1886, it observed Ormond Stone, and because the position given by his slightly different, Dreyer thought it was another object and cataloged his observation as NGC 1367. In NGC 1367 has been observed supernova SN 2005ke.
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