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Located in Coma Berenices NGC 4725 is classified as a barred spiral galaxy. However it is far from a typical spiral in that it only has a single arm whereas most spirals have two or more.

Computer simulations of the formation of single arm galaxies suggest that the arm can be either trailing or leading with respect to the galaxy’s rotation.

This galaxy has an impressive central bar structure which is home to populations of older yellow stars, dust lanes and an extremely bright central core which is believed to host a supermassive black hole. This galaxy is about the same size as our own Milky Way.

The smaller galaxy to the right is NGC 4712. Although it appears to reside nearby it is actually in the background approximately 160 million light years away from NGC 4725.

Equipment: Vixen VC200L @1280mm (f/6.4), Atik 460ex, Astrodon filters, AP Mach1 mount.

Exposure data: L:R:G:B 150:60:60:60 (RGB bin 2x2)

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