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NGC7000 is a red emission nebula, and DSLR cameras use to filter the light coming from this kind of nebulae (called H-alfa). So, it is more difficult to catch the nebula in a picture if the camera has not been modded with a new filter compatible with H-alfa light.

Nevertheless, taking deep exposures, the red tones pop up. This is a 397 seconds exposition at ISO800 through a 55mm lens with a Canon EOS 450d Rebel XSi.

2015-11-13 12:28:05       
AH! Andrew! I relaly like that one! I took a basic hand tools class once and relaly liked using the saws. All the guys in the class were scarred of me when I was using the saws (twas kind of a joke). But then again, most of them were wimps too they were more nervous trying the saws for the first time than the few girls that were in the class. lol But I didn't get to use a chain saw someday I want to cut a tree down with one of those.
2015-10-18 16:15:40       
Wow! Was the sky really that blue, or did you edit it? I like the pervpectise in this photo with the sky stretching off into the distance and the clouds looking smaller and smaller. Great job with this shot!
2012-10-09 04:57:48       
Jack The Ripper I find space mind boggling. Its to big for hmauns to explore and that frst pic was very unique. Never have i seen something like that before. But the most fascinating thing to me in space would have to be black holes and white holes because theyre amazing. If those two were to collide scientists believe that a worm hole may form but theres no logical information to back that up.
2011-08-19 07:19:58       
That's more than sesnbile! That's a great post!
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