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This unbelievable webcam picture taken by Emil Kraaikamp shows a pair of galaxies close to Polaris. The spiral galaxy is NGC 2276 and the diffuse elliptical galaxy is NGC 2300. The image is the result of stacking 69 frames of 15 seconds and 66 of 10 seconds of exposure using Philips Vesta Pro 680K webcam as a video camera and a Newtonian telescope Meade Starfinder 10-inch at F/4.5 with equatorial mount.

The Philips Vesta Pro 680K is a modified webcam: long exposure modification, and it has a new black and white chip ccd, the ICX424BL.

2012-10-07 15:34:50       
Max, your images are ecellxent. Hopefully some day when I have learned some imaging skills mine will get there as well. The images on the current site (as of April 1, 2012) were all taken on first light night or the next night. For first light work I am pleased with the results. Yes the images exposures are pretty short but that night I was not going for depth, I was going for learning the system. Once I start going for depth and using more than just the LRGB filters I currently own I expect to look at images like yours and try to duplicate the quality.As for tools, I use a Celestron EdgeHD 14 SCT with a Hyperstar lens at the Fastar f/1.9 focus. The camera is a QSI-583. I use MaxDL5 to capture and process the images. I will use Photoshop CS5 to enhance the images once I gain the skills.
2011-08-19 21:54:53       
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