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On the roof of a car Telescope at Navas de Estena This 0'5 m telescope My astro gear What my telescope looks like I so miss a star party Mobile astrophotography Dobsonian 22 inches telescope Winter, get ready my friend Isaac Newton telescope Programming those coordinates Perseid Meteor Shower It's me SkyWatcher EQ6 GoTo Equatorial A gentle aurora At Asteroid Day My telescope takes precedence Camera mount for my Celestron Celestron 8 inch telescope Shadow self portrait One meter telescope My new pride and joy Lets cool this thing down My telescope tonight Upgrading my telescope Twilight iridescence Great night teaching how to use my telescope Homemade 6 Inch f 15 Dall-Kirkham Binocular Telesc Observing Mercury transit My telescope alone Peering into the Cosmos Setup mobile for astrophotography Skywatch Observatory Kapiti Clear skies and everything ready Hello little bee Celestron Advanced VX Series I just saw Mars Checking out Jupiter and Mars Like the USS Enterprise StarTrek¯ My telescope is ready TMB 115mm triplet apochromatic telescope Camel doing bit of astronomy Mooning again All ready to star Just checking the collimation Gear ready Out with my ED80 Looking for Mercury transit Ready for transit of Mercury Mission control up and running Trying to look at Jupiter I keep on forgetting Attempting a practice run AstroSabadell Telescope Astrophotography gear Listo para esta noche Getting my astrophotography on A beautiful morning Shooting Flats 1st light with the 14 inch EdgeHD 100-inch mirror New toy My current set up¯ Stars swirl overhead The 16 An iphone rides atop my telescope Astrophotography exposition Yerkes observatory Observing through a 600mm telescope Astronomy gear and laptop CDK17, cdk14 and cdk700 Celestron C8 SCT, Skywatcher NEQ6 Potential autoguider Small reflector 114 and Vixen bar Ready to observe the Sun I hooked up my camera to my telescope Celestron NexStar 90GT Observing Jupiter from Saint Petersburg New toy finally here it is Scope is redundant tonight Comparing eyepieces Kattameya observatory in Egypt Observatory Open House + Lecture Orion is watching us A new adventure with my Celestron C8 Can't wait to try it out Celestron C90 Mak and ... Skywatcher Evostar 80ED My telescope with a solar filter Many hours of enjoyment Going to build my telescope today Great observing session A big refractor telescope Astrophotography seeing Sidewalk activities at a local park Right off I-44. Worth the side trip Gave my telescope its own parking place¯ Finally a clear night My Telescope Forest Solar filter ready for the transit First light of great gear Big retro refractors This telescope setup Astronomical observatory on Mount Teide Cave Astrola 8 Beyond excited Spiral staircases Meade lx90 Snow at West Mino Observatory Maksutov Meade ETX90 SkyWatcher 200p and mount NEQ5 Meade ETX90 for astrophoto Mi pasion Observing the Sun Yesterday Evenings Moon I found my telescope Some additional scopes My reflector Newton telescope Replaced my telescope tripod with a pier Set up and ready CPC1100 and a bottle of beer Too many clouds Really decided to upload A 1976 Celestron 8 Hybrid solar scope for high resolution Telescope for sale Astronomia para aficionado Telescope controlled by computer Celestron CGEM-DX and 8 Pocono Mountain Observatory Meade Lx200 8 inch Finally got the finder scope mounted Catching Photons Lovely clear skies Celestron EdgeHD Is it a Penguin? Got my telescope today Ready to roll out Using deepskystacker on windows7 Tripod and camera OGLE Telescope, University of Warsaw Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Rd Big telescopes Searching the cosmos Takahashi TOA-130 Chasing the blues away...¯ Done setting up my scope Shadows of the night The sight of the stars make me dream Twenty years of light at OGLE I went to an astronomical observatory A 130+ year old steampunk telescope at Chabot A sky full of stars Celestron C6 on EQ5 Going hunting tonight My Ioptron Cube Pro New astro toy Wide field imaging rig First sunlight For those curious. An 8 Tonight's setup: ED80 Equipment in Friolzheim New mounting gear No going back now Frosty Drew Observatory, Ninigret Park A guidescope My telescope 180mm Five pics at the images of starlight expo A qhy5 minicam¯ A telescope on the road One of the most impressive displays of equipment Antares Low Profile 2 inch Crayford Focuser Safe and speedy delivery A new scope in the observatory Yesterday at Haute-Provence Observatory After 9 months of work My Observatory in action sbig STX-16803 camera Old school Celestron C14 Everyone loves the C14 Basler acA640-90gm ACE Amateur astronomer with a 70 inches Dobson My dog is an amateur astronomer Celestron NexStar 8SE on a CGEM mount New mount during solar observing A new mount cgem¯ A 180mm triplet Apo The 5 AstroFest in London Finally finished the power mod Tonight's imaging set Do you think ... Calibrating the setup My astronomy camera 1st scope: dobson 8'' Betelgeuse sunbathing cosmickids Astro and science event Aurora seen during last night Beautiful Italian Dall Kirkham Jupiter next to the Moon Clearer skies = free stargazing Iridium 43 with Orion Another of my hobbies Just got my new skywatcher Fits like a glove Looking through my telescope Camera mount setup Galaxy class C Ship Clear skies tonight Open Space Agency New scope Not sure which one... New telescope in the UTSC dome Optolong H-alpha Calibration process - PHD guiding Auto-guiding the Newtonian Astronomy in 30C Successful imaging session My 80mm APO on Paramount Our Paramount me2 Lovely takahashi fsq106 Catching AR2371 before it goes Celestron 14 inch telescope First light, baby A real telescope, 30 inches New ASA Astrograph Astronomical Observatory El Castillo Lunt LS35T hydrogen-telescope AstroPhysics 130mm APO refractor Dob with 0.8 meters The Dragonfly telescope Newtonians when the camera is facing down Coronado Solarmax II 90 SkyWatcher Pro 120 ED refractor Takahashi EM200 Temma2 Vixen 36x80 Binocular Stars and the dome Iridium 82 Satellite Telescope and computer Zeiss 12 inch refracting telescope Big Meade telescope Celestron C14 telescope Reflector telescope over equatorial mount Starter scope Orion Amateur astrophotography gear Observing the Moon Avalon M-Tre TS115 and Atik 460ex¯ Refractor telescope Ziel 70-500 Celestron and FLI camera¯ An old 500mm lens Piggyback Mirror temperature Mecastronic in France Gladius 315 Big binoculars Full equipment Non-rotating observatory dome Baader Planetarium AstroSolar Astronomy Gear CCD equipment Telephoto lens & CCD Bareket Remote Telescope Setup in the Desert Portable Setup Sunrise & Telescope Collimation Mask QuickCam Modding Big Dobsonian Einstein's General Relativity Device at San Sebastiįn (Spain) Roll-off Roof Observatory Solar Observatory Vixen big binocular Newtonian Astrophotography Setup Fake Astronomy International Year of Astronomy 2009 Oakridge Observatory Airplane trailing 9x50 finder scope
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