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This is a very useful finder scope enough powerful to find several Messier objects in the night sky, working at a magnification equivalent to a binocular.
by Anonymous on 2009-04-23
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MNtt9j This is one awesome blog article.Much thanks again. Want more.
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that, if you plan to use binoculars for gearenl nighttime sky observing there is a lot to be said in favor of them. A good starting size that are usually under $ 100 (a reasonable price these days) are 10x50mm. This won't show planetary detail except for the larger craters on the moon and will show Jupiter's four largest moons. But they will show many star clusters and nebulae as well as some galaxies (alot depending on how much light pollution there is in your observing area) if you know where to look. Over 10x and you will likely need a tripod to mount them on. If you are willing to tripod mount them (or if you have steady somewhat strong arms/hands as some do) , Celestron Skymaster 15 70 is popular and well under $ 100 will show even more. However 25 80 or 25 100 binoculars is the minimum to even glimpse the rings of Saturn and you would definitely need to mount them on a tripod. And they would be alot more expensive too. I own 10 50, 15 70, and 25 100 binoculars so I know what can and cannot be seen. Orion Telescopes ( and Celestron are good brands. Check them out.
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Ar5aYJ With the bases loaded you struck us out with that answer!
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