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I bought a while back a coronado PST and got enthusiastic about H-Alpha observing. The 90mm aperture allows relatively high resolution photography in the H-Alpha wavelength.

This is the “single stack version”. I plan to acquire later on the double stack filter.

First views were impressive. I have the version with a 15mm aperture filter on the back and it is far than enough since the primary usage of this telescope is digital photography, and second visual observing.

by messier42 on 2016-01-30
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2016-01-30 11:55:42       
But no matter what, do not use “filters” such as smoked glass, stacked sunglasses, polarized filters, camera filters, candy wrappers, or compact discs. They might reduce the Sun’s glare, but enough harmful radiation can sneak through to damage your eyes. Only use materials specifically manufactured for safe solar viewing or #14 arcwelder's glass.
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