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Kamenidis Ifikratis has taken some new pictures of his astronomy equipment. This time we focus on the Meade fork mount, the main telescope and the refractor in piggyback configuration. Several accessories may be recognized in the picture, like the Telrad finder, and a pair of CCD cameras for the main and secondary scopes. Lossmandy counterweights are needed to get a stable and accurate system.
2016-03-12 22:24:45       
Hi all! I'm Ifikratis Kamenidis, just saw this posting :)

Thank you very much for mentioning.

Astronomy gives you a feeling of connection to the universe like nothing else.

Greetings to all interested in this wonderful hobby :)

2015-10-18 16:35:12       
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2012-10-07 23:43:27       
Funny how we come back to the things we eoneyjd as kids My teenage and young adult years made it uncool to like space and astronomy, but that love never really left me. There were times when I was alone, just me and the stars, but they were fleeting and few. Already I was starting to embrace astronomy again, when a once romantic relationship ended at an outdoor concert. While with my ex-girlfriend at that concert, Jupiter had my attention, low in the southern summer sky. It was just a bright star, but I knew it was Jupiter. Just knew it.About a month later, I turned one of those cheapo 60mm refractors to that same star I'd been watching ever since that concert. Now single with plenty of time on my hands, I needed something to fill my nights. That little telescope revealed the Galilean Moons to me, but just barely. I knew I needed more
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