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mécASTROnic is a company created in 2002 by Mathieu Senegas in France that produces telescope accessories. Here we see a sturdy attachment, a wise option in astrophotography works, like those made by Laurent Langelez.
2015-11-13 13:20:36       
rosemary Hi Karen,Lovely to see the recent pirctues and to remember our stay with you it was a very creative time for me and several poems as well as other writngs came out of it. I'm glad to hear Linda is going to stay and do a workshop again.My question: have you finalised the 2013-14 programme? If not , would you be interested in a workshop on Moroccan/Berber Art and Crafts? My other life is as an art historian and it occurred to me that this might be a topic that could attract people. If you are interested I can make a proper proposal.All the bestRosemary
2012-10-07 21:52:02       
Hi Philipp,I had unknowingly rerocded this phenomenon on individual long-exposure images before, but never really understood what it was. I always attributed it to poor technique, or poor image processing, or high clouds.A couple of months ago I shot a series of images trying to capture the Gegenschein in Pisces. When I examined them, I couldn't really see the Gegenschein, but I did notice the sky background changing from frame to frame. Again I did not realize what I had rerocded and just filed the image frames away without really doing anything with them.But today Brian Skiff posted a link to a page on the airglow by Les Cowley from the Atmospheric Optics page on the web that showed some images of gravity waves in the airglow. A light bulb finally went on in the dim quarters of my brain!Jerry
2011-08-19 02:47:25       
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