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Over a SkyWatcher telescope Laurent Langelez mounts his DSLR camera and tele-lens to capture widefield shots of the sky. Have a look at the method used for focusing the small scope attached to the camera.
2015-11-13 11:47:32       
wow so immature you must have a? sniktn cause its not ! NO, you cant get those exact pictures!! but its not far off. but as far as black and white? yes the faint billion lightyears away objects will be black and white, but not most of it! ive looked through a 18 inch reflector, and its not that! its just like looking at a planet far off with no filters. add filters, and its a almost picture perfect COLOR object! same with M objects! i mean come on! God mad the eye the most complex camera
2015-10-18 15:29:57       
This does sound too good to be true, but it also sounds as if you are buinyg it because of the price, without understanding the other criteria involved. This would not be my choice as a recommendation for a beginner. Here's why:1. The aperture is insufficient. Aperture is the diameter of the scope at the front, where photons are collected. The bigger the aperture, the more photons and the brighter the image. Most astronomical objects do not need a telescope to see them because they are too small; they need one because they are too dim. With this scope, you will not be able to see very much beyond the planets. 2. The scope is not particularly well suited for the planets, because it is so fast (short) that the relatively extreme optical contours result in false colors and aberrations.3. You did not mention a mount. Does it have one that works? Are you sure? A scope without a good mount is useless.4. Perhaps most important, I would not recommend that a beginner buy a used scope from a seller that you do not know. All beginners (heck, all experienced amateurs) require help once in a while. If you buy from a reputable dealer, he can really help you when you need it (I speak from experience). The reputability of the website in this case is irrelevant. They know nothing about astronomy, and the seller may be equally confused. I would not buy a telescope without knowing why I want the one I am buinyg. It is true that the price is low in this case. It is also true that in amateur astronomy, you generally get what you pay for. I would urge caution.References :
2012-10-07 19:54:59       
I have the 254mm. Aperture 10 Focal Length 1,200mm. Version of this Dobsonian Telescope. Your 8 must be 1,000mm. Focal Length otherwise SkyWatcher makes both the 8 and 10 at 1,200mm. Focal Lengths but your Metal Focuser is beettr than my Hard Plastic Focuser , but this is not a problem. We both have 2 Adapters which I use a 28mm. 2inch Eyepiece of the Olivine Series. I like my SkyWatcher 10 Dobsonian!!
2011-08-19 05:02:45       
Alakazaam-ifnormtaion found, problem solved, thanks!
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