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As I mentioned in my initial report on my new SkyWatcher Pro 120 ED refractor, Hermione Granger, her primary task would be deep sky imaging with my DSLRs. I’d actually already done some of that beyond a quick snap of M15 through a layer of clouds. I’d spent a couple of evenings with a far more challenging target, the Bubble Nebula. The telescope acquitted herself well riding on the CGEM mount. While I could no doubt have done pretty well imaging with the 120 on the smaller Celestron VX due to the telescope’s relatively light weight of 11.5-pounds, I thought the CGEM was a must on these windy winter nights.
2016-01-30 02:42:36       
Why would you buy this telescope when you can get something the same size or bigger for a lot less money? The answer has to do with the type of glass used in the telescope lens. It's "Extra-low Dispersion Glass." This means that the picture you see in the telescope will not have the false color (chromatic aberration) found in cheaper refractor telescopes. Less expensive "achromatic" telescopes do not use the best glass - this compromise the colors in the view and also the sharpness
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