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Vixen BT125-A is one of the biggest binoculars in the world, coming from this high quality optics Japanese company. This equipment is very useful for observational purposes, particularly for widefield observation: open clusters like Pleiades, big galaxies like Andromeda's M31, extensive nebulae like Orion's M42.
2015-10-18 16:32:41       
I thought I would give an uadtpe on what I am doing. Although still attracted to doing something for the 1632 series, I am buried in my non fiction account on the Escape of the Jews from Germany and unoccupied France through Spain and Portugal to the United States. At this point in time I have 317 pages that discuss, among other things, antecedents of the migration, the role of FDR and Franco and the German connection. What I have found out is that between June 1940 and June 1942 more than 13,000 Jews took this route to the United States, traveling on Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, American and Japanese ships to the United States. Most of the movement was between June 1940 and January 1942 and involved Spanish, Portuguese, and American ships. Using especially the records of the passengers that arrived in New York and US State Department (both in the US National Archives but at different repositories), I have found more than 30 voyages taking emigrants to the New World. Neither Franco nor FDR knew, at that time, why this emigration took place, other than the German government wanted to expel the Jews. The movement of a large percentage of these emigrants was directly from Germany to Spanish ports and Spanish ships to the New World. But the majority of Jews going to the New World came from unoccupied France and consisted, in order, of German Jews, Polish Jews, Russian Jews and French/Belgium Jews. The movement of Jews directly from Germany, took place between November 1940 and October 1941 when it suddenly stopped. We now know, from German records, that Hitler considered a program of extermination in the summer of 1941 and began it on October 25 with the halting of the movement West. Implementation began in February 1942 and finally included the Jews in Un Occupied France in July 1942. I had to stop research about four months ago in order to review the data collected so far and, separately, prepare for moving to another location. We, me and my wife, will transfer elsewhere in Baltimore county in March. After that I will return to my research. This means (1) collecting relevant data from five other New York newspapers of the (1940/1942) period. So far I have only looked at one. (2) look at other sources (e.g. the tombstone of my Grandfather who apparently made this voyage in 1940 and soon after died, books at the Library of Congress that may shed more light on FDR and Franco and their role in this emigration). To summarize, I have a book manuscript that discusses this subject in detail but what I lack in more information on the role FDR and Franco in making it possible. In short already have a good book on what did happened and I need to know more on exactly on the roles of the principals in making it happen. I will keep you informed as I learn more. Larry Feldman
2012-10-07 16:05:45       
Free knoweldge like this doesn't just help, it promote democracy. Thank you.
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