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At Science Museum in San Sebastián (Spain), also known as "KutxaEspacio de la Ciencia", we can see this device that explains simple and didactically the Einstein's General Relativity.

Einstein uttered that the gravity force -which acts on all Universe objects- is not more than a curvature of the space-time.

An analogy, in few words, to explain this device:

Universe is like a sheet catch only by the four corners (actually is a space-time four-dimensional).

When you place a heavy object (in the General Relativity Theory, it is an object with mass), the sheet is become deformed due to the weight of this first object and a well shows up.

So, if now you place a second object, this one will fall to the well where is the first object (the creator of this well).

It is as if the first object attracted the second object (Force of the Gravity) but simply the second object finishes where it is the first object due to a deformation of the sheet (in the General Relativity Theory, it is a deformation of the space-time).

by mtzpz72 on 2009-05-20
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2015-10-18 17:23:29       
I have a several qbeublis with Mr. Garik's grammar, and I'm unsure about the problems with the theory of relativity that Mr. Garik mentions in the second paragraph both Special and General Relativity have verified well, in fact more experimental disagreements with relativity theory would help point the way to a Theory of Everything that would unify Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. I'd also approach the sixth and last paragraph differently: if an object have mass, it requires an infinite amount of energy to reach light speed. Since infinity is a limit and not an countable number, an object with mass can never reach light speed (as measured either in a stationary reference frame or in the object's reference frame.) Having expressed these reservations, I must say that Mr. Garik does a decent job discussing what happens to the flow of time in Special Relativity.What Special Relativity actually predicts is that time will flow more slowly for a near-light-speed traveler than for someone who stays behind on Earth. The distance traveled also shrinks by the same factor, with the result that the traveler and the Earth-based observer measure the same speed. This occurs at a deep physical level and has been verified by decay behavior of secondary cosmic rays and by time differences induced in matched high-precision clocks East and West around the Earth (with and against the Earth's rotation).However, considering times and distances just measured by the traveler or just measured by the Earth-based observer misses a major point which could be critical. From the travelers' perspective, what matters is how long it takes to reach the destination. For a trip to Alpha Centauri 4.3 light-years from Earth, accelerating at a constant rate of 1 g to the halfway point and then decelerating at the same rate for the rest of the trip, a traveler would measure a trip time of 3.56 years a little less than 3 years and 7 months. If the traveler thinks of the trip distance as 4.3 light-years, which is true at the beginning and end of the trip, then the traveler's average effective speed is faster than the speed of light.
2014-03-06 03:35:10       
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Interesting read. However, I have to take exception to your hedgilaht analogy. Using your analogy, the speed of light from the hedgilahts is ~300000km/s relative to the person driving the car and also to all other reference points. Effectively, the speed of light is not relative at all… is constant. Blows your mind, doesn't it.Chris.
2012-01-10 18:30:09       
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2009-05-20 21:46:54       
This is not a black hole, it is a blue hole.
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