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Astronomical Observatory "El Castillo" in Borobia, Soria, Spain. With great sorrow lamented the closing of the Astronomical Observatory of Borobia and with great joy celebrate its reopening, at least for the next summer and autumn.

Deborah, from the tourist office of Agreda, said: "You'll love it." But they closed and we could not visit. Now, returning back to be open and not want to miss and you will notice that either. The sessions are for all ages and so I am told, superbly saved setbacks, such as a unwelcome cloudy sky.

It is dedicated to the observation of the most interesting objects in the night sky with powerful telescopes. It consists of several parts: introductory audiovisual lecture, workshop use star map or planisphere, recognition and constellations with the naked eye observation dome with telescopes Coyote (Smith-Cassegrain 16 ") and 150 mm refractor.

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