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This equipment is Bareket Internet Remote Telescope. Bareket is an Observatory as an educational resource for students in Israel. The telescope is a Celestron C14 and using a remote camera, SBIG ST8 XE CCD. In this image it is clearly visible the ultra-heavy Paramount ME Robotic Mount, a German equatorial with heavy duty 11-inch right ascension gears.
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It looks awesome James, I love it! Did you come up with the logo as well? I just love the look and feel of the whole piece. It feels very fun, yuothful and mysterious. All perfect emotions for the event you created this for.Great job!
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Peter BoyceJune 25, 2012Lowell bought sereavl 24-inch telescopes which were deployed around the world to take pictures of planets on an hourly basis. These telescopes were located in Chile (CTIO), South Africa, and Australia, and maybe other places. They had a special seconday mirror which gave a long efective focal length (to produce large planetary images). I used the one in Chile in 1969 and 1971 to make observations of Mars. I think 5 telescopes were bought from B&C. The telescope in Chile arrived with a northern hemisphere drive, which means it drove backwards in the southern hmiphere. This was embarassing for B&C.Lowell also had B&C make a new declination drive for the 72-inch tlescope, which worked very well.
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sl96TR Thanks for the blog article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.
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OdDEyH Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic post. Cool.
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