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Cassini is a quite peculiar crater located inside Mare Imbrium. The area around Cassini is very popular among astronomy amateurs because it is full of details. Mountain ranges, great basins, peaks, valleys and craters.
by Anonymous on 2009-05-04
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2015-10-18 16:16:34       
Also, Eddie, have you ever heard o this "face on mars"? Apparently it looks like a lion or something. There are all sorts of weird thireeos about it on the internet. I first learned about it on this odd site I went to when I was 10 years old. I wonder if that site's still up...
2012-10-07 18:55:27       
That's cleared my thuogths. Thanks for contributing.
2011-08-19 10:19:54       
Finllay! This is just what I was looking for.
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