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This area is full of small craters. Ptolemaeus is the big crater on the left which has inside a tiny crater called Ammonius. Near of it, to its right (East) and a bit to the South (bottom) there is another big crater, Albategnius with a diameter of 82 miles (140 km).

The picture is the stacking result of a video taken with Casio Exilim camera and Meade Lighbridge 16-inches telescope.

by Anonymous on 2009-07-10
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Approaching the Town of Banff from the east, take the Lake Minnewanka exit, then turn left towards the Town of Banff. You do not need to go far. Turn left again at the Banff Mountain Rocky Resort onto Tunnel Mountan Road. You will drive up a hill on paved road which veers left. On the left, there is a green gate on the optpsioe side of the road. Visibility for traffic coming down the twisting road on the hill is poor, so caution is required to cross and park off to the side of the green gate. The old road leading to Anthracite is on the other side of the closed gate to your right. Do not be confused by the trail to the left. You hike the road to the bottom and a maze of trail and old road leads to a variety of interesting features below Cascade Mountain. You will find some debris beside the Cascade River. Take a map. Have fun discovering and thank you for your comment, Chris.
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Professor Falls is a 280 metre WI-4 ice climb near the Banff end of Mount Rundle. I have not done this climb. It is one of many ice climbs in that area which are clsretued together. The access distance to Professor is listed at about 3 KM. Most of my time on Mount Rundle has been on the other side hiking to the summit and once into the Central Gully. It is a landmark mountain looming above Banff Townsite. Apparently there is a trailhead at an old parking area for the Banff Springs Hotel that accesses a trail between Banff and the Nordic Ski Centre near Canmore. I have not hiked this trail but I will check it out. It may noy be this year although a fair weather day and dry conditions could change my mind. My curiousity is aroused. I have hiked and biked the length of Rundle on the other side but I have not spent much time on the highway side. Professor Falls is defined as a permanent water source. It may be your falls but it is a long way from Canmore. If I get there I will let you know how it turns out and also if there are any remaining signs of an old quarry.
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