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Here we see the Laurent Langelez's telescope of 254mm and his DMK camera near a fantastic Moon picture. This area corresponds to the surroundings of crater Tycho. Tycho is probably the easiest crater to spot in the Moon with binoculars or small telescopes. It is a big crater and all around there is plenty of rays (better seen at full moon) due to the debris thrown after the impact that gave birth to this bright crater.

In this high quality picture it is shown the central peak inside the crater. This is a typical feature of big craters due to the re-bounce of the material after impact. It may also be appreciated that the walls of the crater are very high in comparison with the other crater's. There are also visible great terraces in the walls.

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RichardI'm looking frwoard to my next attempt at the moon, wondering if I can get a sharper image by decreasing the aperture to something like f22. Running water sounds like quite a challenge. I'm going to have to try a long exposure for moving water some day 10 or 15 seconds to get the milky, misty effect that some photographers go for for waterfalls and surf.
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You definitely resaid my awareness about CMT. I had never heard of it and I'm so grateful you shared your story. I especially like your mantra and image of where the magic happens and in my case cooking with your recipes is definitely out of my comfort zone,but so magical. I actually, sometimes think of myself as a good cook now! That's magic:) I can see how it would be hard to share, but it does not define you and sharing it just ensures that it does not secretly lurk over you or own you.
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I had no idea how to approach this berfoe-now I'm locked and loaded.
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