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Not very well know Mare Orientale is nearly invisible from the Earth. But thanks to libration lunar movement and state-of-the-art techniques implemented in PlanetWarp v2 software it is still possible to take a pic from an Earth-based backyard telescope of this mysterious feature of the Moon. Surrounded by two huge circular walls (Montes Cordillera and Montes Rook) Mare Orientale seems to be the result of probably the biggest impact ever taken in our satellite.

To have an idea how large is this mare here it is a link ( ) of an NASA image from space that shows thoroughly this formation.

The image was taken through a 6-inch newtonian reflector telescope and a DSLR camera, using no equatorial mount, but the Manual-Crazy-Tracking method. PlanetWarp was used to render a view from the vertical axis of Mare Orientale.

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I love al the pics but had to vote on this on. Breahtaking!
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