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My best for 2015 was this photo of the International Space Station silhouetted among the rocky craters of the full colour moon. The image received a NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day and ESA Image of the Week. It was featured on CNN, TIME, ABC, MSNBC, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, TV and online networks around the world. It was even shared from the International Space Station itself by Scott Kelly and previous resident Astronaut Chris Hadfield! It has been published in several books including some slated for release in 2016. I was blown away by the way it resonated with people around the world as an iconic photo of one of humankind greatest shared achievements as a planet, not as separate nations. To celebrate, today I'm releasing the image in a higher resolution, almost 3000 pixels wide and higher than the original to include more lunar surface. I've also re-stacked the image from 28 frames instead of 8 giving much higher quality. There will be a 2-part tutorial describing in detail how this photo was captured and processed on soon.

This was one highlight of an amazing year for me in which I received 2 NASA APODs, 2 ESA "Image of the Week", visited ESA facilities in Western Australia, Joined Team Celestron with some other amazing astronomers and welcomed my beautiful baby boy Zachary join our little family. 2015 will be remembered very fondly! Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey, happy new year 2016! --- If you'd like the full resolution image it's available now for free and in the Public Domain... Direct Link:

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