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Dorsum Heim is the ridge clearly visible in this picture, near the terminator. It is located in the western border of Mare Imbrium. C. Herschel is the name of the crater in the dead center of the ridge. The crater measures 13 km, while Dorsum Heim is 140 km long.

The image was taken through a 6-inch reflector with no tracking, on good seeing conditions. Afocally through a Barlow lens 2x and a 14 mm eyepiece. With a Casio Exilim point and shoot camera a small video was recorded and stacked using Registax. The noise was partially removed using Neat Image.

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Jessica, from your blog last year, I remember the 12 hour bus trip to Yangshuo. We have a 4 day hoidaly next week at PZ, and most of the hotels are fully booked in Yangshuo. I will wait to this summer to visit. Besides your great descriptions of places, there is a lot of practical stuff on your site. Bend Oregon, I remember that's where the crazy rocks formations start and go eastward from there. Only the Big Island of Hawaii has more land diversity than the state or Oregon.
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You have more useful info than the Brisith had colonies pre-WWII.
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