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Early crescent Moon in the dusk, shows Mare Crisium in the right side. Crater Swift (5 km in diameter) becomes visible inside Mare Crisium. This image was taken through Vixen 12x80 binocular. The tilt of the North-South axis of the Moon is due to its proximity to the West horizon, close to the Sun just set.
by Anonymous on 2009-04-30
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Hi George,I was not able to see it at all, either vauislly, or through binoculars, or through the camera, or on Live View. The camera did record it though because it is specially modified to be more sensitive to Ha light. A stock camera passes about 20 25 % of the Ha wavelength my modified camera passes almost 100 percent.That narrowband Ha filter then transmits about 90 percent of the light at 656nm (the Hydrogen-Alpha emission line) and nothing else. It doesn't really have what you would normally call a filter factor , although I did shoot some shots unfiltered those exposures were about 1/15th second. The Ha one was 1/2 second. BUT this could vary wildly based on the content of the photo. If the subject had no Ha wavelengths in it at all, then you simply couldn't take a picture of it with this filter.Jerry
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