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This is a small version of the 24000 x 24000 pixels mosaic of a Full Moon View from NASA. The full-size version is a monster 550 Mb TIF file called wac_nearside. It has been reduced but still showing extreme fine details. Click on "Original Size" to view the full image in detail, scrolling the screen of your computer. You may also download the picture using right button.
2015-11-13 12:05:42       
Short answer: No.Slightly logner answer: Objects large enough to behave in the classical manner we're used to interact mostly via magneto-repulsive forces and gravity rather´╗┐ than electric and magnetic forces, nor do they possess properties like spatial/timelike indeterminacy, the ability to quantum tunnel, quantization, spin as used by quantum theory, or entanglement.It's tempting to think there are similarities because of the false resemblance of the Bohr atom model to the solar system.
2015-10-18 16:54:15       
Tack alla sne4lla! Ni ska fe5 se, jag lovar. Fogen ska vara ljust gre5vit pe5 tre och je4rnrf6d pe5 en. Mansuetude, I wish I could blow you away :) There is a symbolism, bwrrooed from Chinese tradition (because of the connection to the location, next to the ship yard where the Gf6theborg replica was built. And Gf6theborg sailed to China for porcelain and other precious goods, only once because it sunk after the first. All the blue and white pieces here are cargo from the original Gf6theborg ship, from 1745). I picked different auspicious symbols I thought would be nice to meet when you start your day or when you come home again.
2012-10-08 00:38:14       
Really a bombing is a minmsoer in that there will be no explosive bomb, only a chunk of a spacecraft being crashed into a crater of the moon near a pole at 2600 mph to puncture the crust and kick up some dust, hopefully revealing some water/ice that might be just below the surface. The moon is pelted all of the time with meteorites and small asteroids that have caused the huge craters there over time. This is due to no atmosphere there as we have on Earth which burns them up here most of time. We call them shooting stars . Also without an atmosphere, some explosives needing oxygen wouldn't work anyway plus they wouldn't want to vaporize any water that might be there!The spacecraft which has been doing other research for the past couple of weeks wouldn't be brought back to Earth anyway, so might as well crash it.
2011-04-12 08:08:52       
I'm impressed! You've managed the almost impoissble.
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