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Comet Catalina today passed over Polaris, about 10 degrees apart, near Camelopardalis (close to the star HD 49878 or M Camelopardalis). The photo has been taken from Leciñena, Zaragoza, with a lens of 50mm f2.5 as a sum of 58x30s, ISO-1600 and follow up with an ultraportable altazimutal iOptron mount. The camera used is a unmodded Canon EOS 450D. Stacked with DeepSkyStacker and postprocessing with Fitswork4 and PaintShopPro9.

     You can see the asterism "engagement ring" at the bottom ( and some background galaxies as well.

     The comet was easily observed with binoculars 80mm and began to appreciate the tail.

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