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Comet Christensen known as C/2006 W3/Christensen is a dim a fuzzy object to observe in Aquila constellation on October 2009. Here it is an image taken with a 300mm telephoto lens and stacking 6 single subframes of 30 seconds each one.
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Thanks for being on point and on targte!
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Hi Alex,I am so sorry to see people’s rtoaeicns towards you.At first ,I wanted to join their action of asking for a refund.But then I soon feel that it is unfair to you .What made them so upset is your way of presenting it.It is so full of scientific info (although some misinfo has been fed into it purposely by people with special interests) that our heart tells that there must be something big coming.These info are not created by you.Many of them come from trustworthy sources.You just put them together to warn people.To buy it or not is their (our) free choice.You even made it clear at the beginning.The DVD is your property and to offer it for free on YouTube anytime to alert more people is also your right of choice,like many Ebooks on the internet,they are not for free at the beginning.but when the authors changed their mind to upload it for free later,it is absolutely their right to do so.Not a reason for requesting for a refund.Wrong time is about all.People shouldn’t attack you with your past.Who really knows what happened and who’s right or who’s wrong? I consider this personal and has nothing to do with this issue.Alex,don’t be discouraged.We need to be alert of any possible disasters and you did a good job.Although my friends teased me of the disasters that did not come,what harm does it make to get more people prepared ? I myself have never been so well prepared with food and water before and if any natural disasters should occur later ,I am less worried.There are still lots of signs about coming natural disasters that we should be awared of.Our work of preparation is not wasted.If people felt sad and worried during those days,shouldn’t they feel relieve now and bless each days after whole heartedly that they and their loved ones are still alive together ? Thanks to Alex and his team!
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Instead of taking several exposures, is it possible to take just one 30 secs then replicate into several copies then stack?
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