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McNaught was an extraordinary comet due to its apparent size. It is impressive to see a so bright and big comet with naked eye. Mauritz Geyser from Pretoria, South Africa took this widefield picture of McNaught tail. C/2006 P1 is the designation for this huge comet mostly visible from Southern Hemisphere. When brightest, it reached -6 magnitude, that is brighter than Venus. Its tail was up to 35 degrees of apparent size.

Mauritz Geyser is a member of ASSA, and he shares his astronomical interests with everybody. Congratulations, Mauritz.

2015-10-18 16:48:51       
i assume that you meant "comet" and not "comment." uetnrtuoafnly, no, i have not been able to because it has been stormy and cloudy every single day! i'll keep trying though because it's still visible!! has anyone else seen it?
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Your article was excellent and erditue.
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