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IC 1408 is a faint 15 magnitude galaxy in Capricornus constellation and a size of 35 arcseconds. On 2010-10-08 Neptune was in the area as seeing in this picture. Triton is also visible very close to the planet.

Image was taken exactly at 2010-10-08 01:35:28 UT, using a 6 inches refractor telescope and a SBIG ST-2K Color Dual CCD Camera.

Triton is a moon of Neptune that is 4,500 million miles from Earth. It is one of the coldest planets in the Solar System (-235C). Discovered by William Lassell on October 10, 1846, just 17 days after discovery of the planet itself, is named after the god Triton in Greek mythology. With a 2700 km diameter, Triton is the largest satellite of Neptune and seventh in the Solar System, besides being the only large moon which has a retrograde orbit, meaning an orbit whose direction is opposite to the rotation of planet (a rarity in a similar body size). Because of this retrograde orbit and its composition, similar to Pluto, it is considered that Triton was captured from the Kuiper Belt by Neptune's gravity.

2015-11-13 11:57:27       
Well, Mark D and I showed up for the evineng's viewing, but conditions were not the best, so we were forced to cancel. Skies were partially clear, but the humidity was very high and dew on the optics was a real problem. After breaking down Mark's scope (I never did set up) we adjourned to Denny's for coffee and brews .
2015-10-18 15:38:49       
I'd be interested to hear what it would sound like if the pitch of each plaent were based somehow on the plaent's actual distance from the Sun at the point it crosses the line.But as it is, very cool!JJ
2012-01-10 18:10:56       
Haha, shouldn't you be chagring for that kind of knowledge?!
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