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This is a solar system mobile for kids that was made by my 5 years old niece.

She learned there exists 9 planets, the Sun is in its center, and that Saturn has rings.

She painted Styrofoam balls in several colors in order to differentiate every planet and the Sun.

by mtzpz72 on 2009-05-08
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2015-10-18 15:52:51       
That's very interesting about your art and wrnitig background! I love how the web design field ties together so many different interests. Good start to your site!!
2012-10-08 01:55:03       
the first part of that video should be plyaed every time he mentions anything of climate change to show how little intellect went into creating his fictional masterpiece. So the GLOBAL carbon levels are completely reliant on whether leaves are on trees in the northern hemisphere. when the leaves are on, the global carbon levels decrease because they absorb the carbon and when they fall they release the carbon they store, creating the breathing' effect. So does Gore realise there is a southern hemisphere too? and when the north is having its fall we are having our spring? and the whole premise of falling and increasing GLOBAL carbon levels is ridiculous because the we have same effect at opposite times in the year, thus cancelling each other out? So by his explanation the Earth is actually holding its breath!its quite typical for american politicans to be oblivious of other nations, but of an entire hemisphere?
2011-08-19 08:16:31       
I really cudoln't ask for more from this article.
2009-05-10 18:16:50       
But, how many planets are there? nine or eight?
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