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The Cassini division is the separation between rings A (outer) and B (inside) from Saturn. It was discovered by Giovanni Cassini in 1675. This separation is 122,340 km from Saturn's center and has a width of about 4,800 km.

Although at first glance appears to be no separation in this material, recent studies reveal that it is just an area with lower density material. The cause of the shortage of material in the Cassini division is the gravitational influence with the satellite Mimas. The Cassini division is in gravitational resonance with the orbit of the satellite so that the material is ejected by successive steps of Mimas.

The rings of Saturn have other major divisions such as the Encke division or the division of Keeler but the Cassini division is more intense and the only that can be clearly spotted with an amateur telescope.

by Astronova on 2011-07-05
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2015-11-13 12:31:20       
HA! I know, they're royal celebrities, but still. If the love of pretnas with their new baby doesn't matter, then nothing else does. There's doesn't matter MORE than any other young couple with their first baby, but still it matters at least some.
2015-10-18 17:08:15       
Indeed it does! By the look of them, I'd say those are Kelvin-Helmhotz instabilities.Basically, antyime you have two layers of fluid moving against each other at different speeds, you end up with this kind of wavy pattern happening. They're seen a lot on planets like Jupiter and Saturn, but they can also be seen here on Earth.
2012-10-07 07:50:54       
And in the last three frames, there's one of the small moons slinidg in from the left, in the near edge of the second ring up from the bottom. It seems to be disturbing the ring a little as it passes.I see other specks as well, but they must be tumbling, as there is no continuity. Or they're just artifacts of the digital processing, perhaps?
2011-07-27 02:16:48       
I love this planet and its great rings. It is wonderful. Great shot!
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