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Saturn recorded with a Celestron C5 Nexstar telescope at 2011-02-24 03h20m UT.

I had enjoyed of great stability during the night sky and could get some details on Saturn's atmosphere, like the white storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere showed in the picture.

A spacecraft got some detailed pictures recently as seen in this APOD:

2015-10-18 17:15:34       
The Heynes Manual arrived today and, well, it's more a gernael - and less, um, geeky - treatment of Apollo 11 than the "Owners' Workshop Manual" subtitle suggests.The best book I've read to date on Apollo 11 has been First on the Moon by Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins. A review of that, and the Heynes Manual, will be going up on my blog next month, as part of my 40th celebrations of the Moon Landing.
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I can't believe you're not payling with me--that was so helpful.
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