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Venus was very bright in the evening sky of December 2008. Several details of the city are visible in the west horizon. Venus appears as the brightest star in the orb.
by Anonymous on 2009-04-24
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2015-11-13 12:14:08       
I came, I read this article, I corneequd.
2015-10-18 17:18:21       
Ava has been showing more of an iresntet in space these days. It must blow their little minds when it kicks in that we have all taken up residence on this rock called earth, and then to realize there are more rocks out there.If I could just get her to wrap her head around the subject of time (today, tomorrow, yesterday, next week) we'd be doing just fine.
2012-10-07 21:26:28       
Oh, I love all of these. However, I really love the pink ribobn in the first one; you are an artist at heart I can tell from your composition.The one that made me laugh was the 12:30 pm with the dogs. One looking longingly over (or maybe it's through) the fence and the other staring at you as if to ask you ARE letting us out, right? And after our Sept wind storm I have full sympathies for now power and dead camera batteries.Deb’s last blog post..
2011-08-19 07:42:11       
Wow, your post makes mine look fbelee. More power to you!
2009-04-24 18:05:10       
Yes, I can spot a crane far away. There is also some other stars in the field.
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