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Sunset at McDonald Observatory Sun with Skywatcher 80 Prominence inverted with barlow¯ Sun in Ha this morning Active region 2585 Sun, a close-up ISS por delante del Sol A Ring of Fire Prominences on todays Sun Sol ahora con SkyWatcher 120 White-light image of sunspots Lots going on in h-alpha Inspection of that prominence Big sunspot AR2546 Sunspot group AR12546 even clearer Mercury transit from Kuwait Big sunspot AR2546¯ Transit of Mercury taken from Leiden, Netherlands H-alpha sun images Mercury's tiny,inky,black disk H-alpha sunspots Double solar transit of Mercury and the ISS Solar halo from Caracas Venezuela¯ Sun with close-up Sun new sunspot 12542 Last sliver of Sun Allan and Shannon 22 degrees circular solar halo The Sun with SkyWatcher 102T H-alpha image of the Sun Sun through Baader filter The Sun in white light Shattered heart AR2529 Sunset at Tissington UK¯ White light solar filter Active region on the Sun Giant active region AR2529 The largest recorded sunspot group A ball of super hot hydrogen and helium Sun with Coronado SolarMax Sunspot AR2524 using webcam on Celestron cpc800 First photo of the Sun Stacked ISS image The sun Nice sized sunspot Red filter h-alpha Sun Sun from TaiPing Daily Solar Observations 15032016 9 Mar 2016 Solar Eclipse 22 degrees solar halo Sonne mit Samsung Galaxy Partially eclipsed sun SOL - The sun with Skywatcher 5.1 Total Solar Eclipse 2016 The end of eclipse Eclipse 2016 The inactive sun Sun H Alpha raw unprocessed Sun with sunspot group 2506 Prominence being a standout feature Here come the sun... Always love a good sunrise El sol Years of life of the Sun Lower temperature than surrounding regions El Sol avui Sun in H-alpha (Hu03b1) Sun for first time in 6 days July 1991 Total Eclipse Sunspot AR2403 Nossa estrela AR 2494 Ha Sun with Lunt LS80 Sunset from Tintagel Solar viewing active region 2497 A beautiful solar halo just before sunset Sunspots in white light Sun through white light The sun at 2015 Filaments and a nice prominence AR2403 in white light Solar Sunday with a Canon 350d Magnetic disturbances cause Filaments Venus Transit with 55-250mm The different layers of the Sun Plane and Sun. From Alicante DMK31 is best magnificent prom with the Lunt50 Venus Rises with the Sun Solar ring diamond Transit of the ISS The Cloudy Sun Good morning, Hello Moon The ISS and the Space Shuttle crossing the Sun The sun today The hourly sun Analema Active region 1575 Solar prominence shot yesterday Sun with spc900 Sun in detail Magnificent filaments Sun with Daystar SR66 Solar image with Lunt35 and DMK41 The sun in Calcium K wavelength Sunspot 1504 with CPC800 Inverted solar disc The ISS in solar transit A violent solar flare A sun rise... Solar prominences with PST telescope Venus transit Sunspots in 134 subframes Sunspots in 2000 subframes Sunspot with SolarMax Sunspot Sun pillar Mercury Transit Sunspots, airplane & eclipse Sunset at Biarritz (France) Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 August 11 Annular Solar Eclipse of 2005 October 03 Sunset in the city
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