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2005 October 03, we were on trip and we saw this annular solar eclipse in the highway AP-15, Bardenas Reales zone, Navarra, Spain.

We saw it over the door of our car.

This photo was shot with a old -nowadays- Kodak DC210 plus digital camera of year 1998.

by mtzpz72 on 2009-05-06
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2015-11-13 13:39:22       
These are so cool! We haven't been down to 7 degrees here in um I don't auclalty know how long! Thanks for sharing your work at Teach Me Tuesday! I always look forward to your pictures!
2015-10-18 16:33:03       
- Man, I was pissed, glad you got it! I was out with the caerma ready and all, clear sky, nice and fading blue Then that dang marine layer came! I think it broke through for all of a second or two, but of course not long enough for me to get it. Like your shot though!
2012-12-24 06:04:14       
I am absolutly shekocd!Thank God we have someone wise like you to teach us about things that are dangerous!" that you know it has been done, you wont try it at home!! (potentially dangerous)."We would never have guessed that looking at the Sun could hurt our eyes! Amanda, do have you any idea how insulting that statement was?
2011-08-19 18:13:11       
Dag nbabit good stuff you whippersnappers!
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