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Rolando Ligustri is the author of this nice picture in which two big galaxies are clearly visible in the star field. M31 is the biggest one, in the upper side, meanwhile M33 is in the botton side. M33 is also known as the Triangulum galaxy. It is harder to see than M31, because it has a lower brightness. Both of them can be spoted in a dark night with binoculars.
2015-10-18 16:41:25       
So beautiful, thank you Sharon! Ebru and I are ovheewrlmed with gratitude. The pictures turned out perfectly. We're not just saying that cause they are our kids, but because you had the patience and skills to take the right shot.You're awesome!Always,Rolando and Ebru
2012-10-07 14:07:26       
I don't know who you wrote this for but you hleped a brother out.
2011-08-19 06:32:39       
This is the peferct way to break down this information.
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