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Another widefield image of Rolando Ligustri, this time it corresponds to the Cygnus constellation area. Cygnus is a northern hemisphere constellation specially visible in summer time. Milky Way is all around the area so there are a lot of bright nebulae easy to find in Cygnus. North America nebula is an example. It is visible with binoculars in a dark sky. Dumbbell is a big planetary nebula better visible with telescopes.
2012-10-07 16:27:35       
The only one I can say for sure that I've heard of before would be the veil neblua and it's just beautiful so I guess that would be my favorite. As a Sci-Fi element, neblua have always been interesting to me. But Sci-Fi is not always reliable for factual representation :-) It's mind boggling how big these things are Thanks for the photos and the factual information, Mary!
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