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This image was taken under considerable light pollution conditions from the center of the downtown. It has been obtained shifting and stacking several 4 seconds single exposures. The equipment used is a digital compact camera Casio Exilim EX-Z80.
by Anonymous on 2009-04-24
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2012-01-11 00:14:34       
So that's the case? Quite a rveaeliton that is.
2009-05-22 02:44:23       
Yes, it is the same cluster with two different names.
2009-05-07 15:21:36       
Yes, and it's also known as NGC-2632.
2009-04-24 18:27:33       
Praesepe cluster and Beehive cluster is the same?

Sorry for the question but I am a novel astronomer...

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