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Just took delivery of a new Nikon 18-35mm lens today and while not perfect for astrophotography is better than my stock 24-120mm f4.

I had read before about the shutter speed being no more than 500/focal length to avoid star trails but with my setup I seem to be at much less then I should - with my lens 500/18 + max shutter speed of 27.7 seconds.

Went out to my back yard and took the following images one after the other with 15 & 20 second exposures and I can see trails on the 20s one starting already...

To my eye the 15s exposure seems quite sharp ( ie stars are points ) but would appreciate any c & c. There are a few dark sots about an hour from me but I'd like to try and get familiar with setup and technique before I start driving down there and back!

by SUFTUM on 2016-01-30
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2016-01-30 12:04:52       
Use maximum ISO and look for a dark place to put the camera. 15 seconds is enough to get bright constellations
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