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Learning to take a photoshoot.

Astrophotograph Edition. "A Capella"

Capella is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga, the Sixth Brightest Star in the Night Sky and the Third Brightest Star in Northern Hemisphere after Arcturus and Vega.

Although it appears to be a single star to naked eye( human eye), it is actually a STAR SYSTEM of FOUR stars in two binary PAIRS.

The Capella is relatively close, at only 42.8 Light Years (1 Light Years = 9.460.730.472.580.800 Meter). ude02ude02ude02. Time Taken : November 30th 2015 , 09.xx PM

Location : Kuday - SungaiLiat,Bangka (Southern Hemisphere)

Photographer : Me

50 mm @ f /2.0.

10 secs.

Iso 1600.

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