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This is a very clear and contrasted image of the Eta Carinae nebula NGC 3372, located in the Carina constellation in the southern hemisphere of sky. Inside this nebula it is the famous bipolar Homunculus Nebula that has been imaged by Hubble in great detail. This planetary nebula is visible to the naked eye because it is very bright.

Eric Lo is the author of the image. He started into astronomy on 2006 with a 8-inch Optex newtonian telescope in a light polluted backyard situated in the South Eastern region of Melbourne Australia. Nevertheless he has obtained awesome pictures like this one. It is advisable to check out his website and browse his astro-images.

by Eric Lo on 2009-05-22
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2015-10-18 16:20:02       
I've seen images from NASA of the cirana nebula before. They are truly beautiful. do you have any for sale as posters like you do for the other earth art images?
2014-03-06 06:08:02       
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2014-02-06 13:14:25       
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2013-08-09 12:10:22       
You made me remember a loonog night at the 30-inch telescope with Amy and Remco. We spent hours trying to figure out our pointing before we realized that the telescope controller was exposing with the wrong filter. I felt particularly stupid at that moment.On a side note, I just got a beautiful poster of the Carina nebula released image on the mail. It's amazing!.
2012-01-10 17:47:39       
Holy cnoscie data batman. Lol!
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