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This is a nice landmark with a big observatory in the mountain that holds a 2.1 meters telescope. As the stars move through the night sky the draw a circular track. The color and its bright depends on the magnitude and spectral class of the source star.

Picture by José E. García Batarse with 7 hours of exposition. It is important to use low ISO speed for capturing star trails, because a long exposition would overexpose the image otherwise.

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At last, soneome who comes to the heart of it all
2012-10-07 19:22:04       
Hello from Que9bec !I have a nexstar 8se and I take pirtcues of the sun ,the moon ,the planets.I would like to go further and give a try with deep sky imaging ,but I dont have any reference photos and datas from other 8se owners!My scope is on an heavy duty wedge !I see someone has a set up with an 8se. can I see some pics and some datas from thatastrobuddy??thank you !Maxx
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Furrealz? That's marveolusly good to know.
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