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Ursa Major -also known as the Big Dipper because of its asterism- is one of the most famous constellations.

Ursa Major means Great Bear.

We can see the seven brightest stars which form "the bear" or "the dipper": Dubhe (alpha), Merak (beta), Phecda (gamma) and Megrez (delta) on the body of the bear or the dipper; and epsilon (Alioth), zeta (Mizar) and eta (Alkaid) of the bear tail or handle dipper.

We shot three times: 24, 135 and 1791 seconds photos. The two last ones allowed us to obtain both stars trails images.

Zeta Ursa Majoris is a double star called Mizar and Alcor. On the right below of image we can see Mizar and Alcor trails.

2015-11-13 12:31:42       
Hi Marco, great blog and full of interesting imeags/info. I have an image I would like you to see, and would love to contact you though I don't seem to be able to do that. Perhaps you could contact me on johnmcconnell9929[at]hotmail[dot]com Many thanks.
2012-10-07 14:34:50       
Thanks for the chart, helped isemnmely in locating the SN. Observed it last night in western Maryland. A little soupy sky, so had to use the DSCs on my 10-inch scope to locate M101 (always a tough one just trying to track down in any event). Once I had observed for a bit to allow my eyes to adjust, I could make out the fluffy core, the 12.5 mag. star to the north, and easily could spot the SN south of the core as much brighter. It was flanked on the western side by a fainter star, but could not see the one on the eastern side (at about the distance shown in your diagram). Speaking of diagram, why is west on the right in it, as it should be showing to the left if this is a view in a typical reflector? Can't wait for better transparency conditions to observe this one again. This is my 3rd supernova, counting the one in M51 earlier this year and then one in NGC 2403 in Camelopardalis in 2004. Pretty neat seeing a single star in another galaxy that is so far away!Steve
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